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Solutions Selection Process

Progressive Planning. Opportune Outcomes.

Our decision support consultants can aid in organizing and researching potential solutions when it comes time to retiring legacy systems. Our proactive and data driven decision making process will aid in finding a solution that bridges your short term goals with long term strategy.

We leverage a simple, yet structured six-phased approach for selecting a solution for our clients. Below is our approach. Need to learn more now? Select the button below and a representative will reach out within 24 hours.

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01. Contract Agreement

Our terms are simple! Arbiter Consulting only does fixed bids for ERP selection services; no hourly rates and payout by milestones (each of these phases). Our team aims to help merge your short term goals with long term strategy. We will work with your project sponsor to build the appropriate recommendation for your operational needs in your vertical.

02. Initiate

Upon initiation, we will onboard your organization and familiarize the project team and sponsor with the selection process in full detail. Here, we will review the goals, scope, timeline, roles, and responsibilities, expectations, communcation flows, and address any questions or concerns.

03. Requirements Analysis

An in-depth review of your organization’s operation architecture will be conducted with key stakeholders, documenting the technical environment and workflows within and between business units. A business case will also be developed that articulates how the solution needs to solve current problems and support your organization in the future. With these two analyses, we will develop a complete set of functional requirements and operational constraints as criteria for the recommendation.

04. Vendor Research

Our consultants will research potential vendors that meet your requirements and success criteria. Leveraging our market research tools and extensive network, we’ll procure several vendors and their solutions to determine; levels of support offered, on-going professional services/support, experience in relevant vertical and company size, licensing, and deployment options. We will also assess VARs associated with the vendors to gain insight and gauge viability of the project

05. Vendor Analysis

Our teams will meet and screen candidate vendors to demo and review how their software meets your requirements. We will assess how their solution can optimize workflows and save time time; we will also assess the look and feel of the product(s). 

After, our teams will work together to determine the total cost of ownership. We’ll help discover the long term cost including; true cost for upgrades and management of the software, along with implementing the solution. We will also assist with negotiations to lower the cost of ownership

06. Delivery

Once the requirements and vendor analyses are evaluated, along with references, pricing and contracts, and your organization’s budgets are finalized, the opportune vendor is selected. To conclude, the guidance of our consultants will allow minal interruptions to business operations, at the least possible cost, and allow you to quickly bring solutions from concept to delivery.

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