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ERP Consulting

Bridging short term goals with long term strategy and supporting change

Why us

Our Expertise

Organizations facing the challenges and hurdles of leveraging an ERP system are most concerned with the knowledge and experience of those helping them navigate through this change. Whether the change is implementing, upgrading, optimizing, or supporting an ERP system, you need to maximize your ROI and minimize the potential risks to your organization. Arbiter Consulting’s focus and goal is to provide your team with the best consultants for you mission-critical business applications. In short, we engage with software consulting expertise to high-impact projects.

How we help

Change Management

Our seasoned consultants have on average 15 years of end-to-end implementation experience and industry knowledge. Leverage our teams to implement and optimize your solutions. Arbiter Consulting has expertise in Infor, Odoo, Kronos, UltiPro and other ERP systems. 

We can assist your organiation to realize your investments effectively, efficiently, and ethically. Our goal is to resolve your organization(s) issues and empower your employees at all levels of the organization post go live. Below is a preview of our consulting areas and supported solutions.

What you get

Insight & Ease-of-Use

We help organizations simplify their workflows and processes with robust technical solutions and advising on best practices for operations. You get an expert team dedicated to working with you to simplify your finance, payroll, human resource, and supply chain management systems and processes, potentially saving you: 30% in time wasted in manual processes; 42% in overhead spent on manual processes and information systems; +20% increased revenue with predictive analytics; and much more.

Supported solutions

Major Software Suites

Over 25 seasoned consultants who have 12 years of industry experience and completed 20+ projects on average. From functional application design to technical development, we have it all. These are some of the major solutions we work with.

All Solutions

Leveraging Cloudsuite HCM’s and CloudSuite CSFM’s robust solutions


Helping HR empower and support employees


Supporting and migrating to Infor CloudSuite


Exceed your strategic initiatives, optimally

Empowering over 52,000 employees

Leverage our consulting expertise and robust cloud solutions

Meet with us


Right, the first time

Over 25 seasoned consultants who have 12 years of industry experience and have completed 20+ projects on average. From functional application design to technical development, we cover procure-to-pay and prehire-to-retire.

We aim to implement tailored and easy-to-manage solutions for your organization by doing the due dilegence upfront to avoid change orders. Merging your short term goals with long term strategies gives your organization the robust cloud solution it needs to get actionable data from your day-to-day operations.


Choosing a solution – bridging short-term goals with long-term strategies leveraging the best solution


Consolidating disparate systems and optimizing workflows to reduce overhead


Realizing ROI by adding new functionality and maintaining current services

Managed Services

Managing and supporting solutions at one-third’s the cost of employing a team

Data Migration and BI

Maintaining data integrity and developing actionable insights from workflow transactions

Custom Development

Optimized, sustainable and documented solutions to meet your organizational needs


Empowering your organization at all levels post go-live to ensure optimal adoption

Year Established
Team Size

Core workflows

Operational architecture

Covering everything from procurement-to-payment, prehire-to-retire, and all of the integrations, Arbiter Consulting’s excells at revamping and optimizing your operations to get you actionable insight into your organization¬†

Verticals and specialties

Industry-focused solutions

We understand how your industry operates, which solutions are best leveraged for your organization’s use-case, and have specialists for each market segment.

Healthcare Services

Reach true cost accounting by implementing and syncing your ERP system with your EHR solution. Optimize to provide better patient care.

Financial Services

Achieve better reporting and account management across multiple entities and locations.

Professional Services

Optimizing your insights into new clients and management of your current teams and projects

Educational & Public Services

Affordable and without compromise, we’ll implement so you can focus on making an impact

how we work

Unmatched passion, Uncompromised solutions

Year Established
Finished Projects
Current Clients

Solution Architects and Business Analysts take proactive measures to gather requirements for the design


Consultants build, test, and train your organization on best use of the chosen solution


We offboard all documentation and educate your organization on optimization and maintainance

Jonathan and his team are adaptive and ethical in solutioning clients’ pain points. They are innovative and client-focused. They left us with warm fuzzies and I’d work with them again in a heart beat.

Mark S.
Ignite Consulting – CEO/Principal Consultant
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